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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Lots of chickens but no eggs!

I made a start on the next cake this morning, at the expense of my family's ham, egg and chips tonight!  All but two of my chickens and one of my ducks have stopped laying.  I haven't bought an egg for three years, so I think I'm going to have to dig them up some worms and hope that will encourage them to start laying again.

I have a big show to do on the 6th March at Ashton Gate Stadium, called The Baby and Toddler Show.  So at the moment I'm waiting for an order of dummy cakes to turn up so that I can make a start on creating some exciting designs for the show.  I have decided not to make anything to sell on the day, and instead to concentrate on promoting what I am all about.  It's lovely working on dummy cakes because you know the finish is always going to be top notch and of course you don't have to spend an age lining tins and baking cakes. 

I have lots of ideas for what I would like to do, the question is "will I have time to get them all done before the show"? And more importantly, have I got a safe place to store them away form Gracie and her little fingers?

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  1. Isnt it great having your own chickens! I do too and love their eggs :) Hope the show goes well, your cakes will look amazing, they always do :) x