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Sunday, 22 January 2012

New arrival cake pops!

These cake pops are for a special little girl whose Mummy has just had a new new baby.  They were from her Nanny  just to let her know how special she is!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Wedding Cupcakes

Today, I went for a meeting with a lovely lady named Veronica at Thornbury Golf Club.  Veronica is the Wedding Coordinator at the golf club, and we were meeting up to discuss the possibility of Thornbury Golf Club using me as their recommended wedding cake specialist.

I am very keen to specialise in wedding cakes, and as more often than not I personally transport the cake to the venue and set it up, it made more sense to try and form a business relationship with a local venue.

Thornbury Golf Club has a lively vibe and is conveniently located on the approach to the lovely old market town of Thornbury.  The room used for wedding parties is situated on the upper floor of the club house and overlooks the beautifully kept grounds.

Just by luck, the first person I bumped into as I walked through the door was on old school friend named Gary Eaton, who is now the Bar manager at the club.

I had a very informal and friendly meeting with veronica and several other members of staff, and plied them with samples of my orange and poppy seed cake sandwiched with orange buttercream, and also my chocolate truffle cake sandwiched with chocolate ganache buttercream.  They appear to have done the trick, and I can now proudly say that I am Thornbury Golf Club's newly recommended Wedding Cake Specialist.

I am going to be returning to the club in a couple of weeks time with a dummy wedding cake for them tyo display on a table that they have permanently set aside to show potential clients.  This morning however, i just took along a few dummy cupcakes to show them the quality of my work.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

It's All Happening!

This week has been extraordinarily exciting!  First off, the orders have started to come back in, which is fab after such a long time out.  This is due in part to work passed over from my lovely friend Pauline at TrueLoveCakes and also the fact that people feel that they have survived Christmas and they can now start looking forward to the year ahead.

My second piece of news, and by far the most exciting is the appearance of my 'Love Birds' golden anniversary cake in 'Cake Wrecks' blog Sunday Tweets.  Generally the blog features cakes that have gone hilariously wrong, but the Sunday Tweets section is a selection of cakes chosen either by Jen who writes the blog or by other individuals purely because they like the cake.  The cakes are usually based around a theme, and last Sunday the theme happened to be birds and my cake was submitted by a lady named Becca S. to whom I am extremely grateful.  Cake Wreck cakes have even featured on The Graham Norton Show!

I will be making two cakes next week and hopefully I will also find the time to make a few new wedding cake dummies, so please keep dropping by and also feel free to place your comments below the pictures.

Michelle x

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Cake Pops for my little boy!

It was my youngest son's 17th birthday last weekend (watch out any pedestrians and hedgehogs) and instead of making a cake, I decided to make him cake pops with a birthday message on them.  I always like to try and do something a little different, so these particular little mouth fulls were orange and poppy seed flavour, bound together with orange butterceam and then dipped in white chocolate and raspberry flavour sugar crystals.  I have now bought a little tool that moulds these and therefore I can get a more uniform size and the mixture isn''t bound together  quite as tightly than if rolled by hand (if hand rolled they can crack if they expand after the mixture has back up to room temp), 

They really do taste every bit as gorgeous as they look and make a great alternative to a goodie bag for a children's party!

Friday, 6 January 2012

I'm back!!

It seems such a long time since I had anything to share with you, the beginning of December, in fact!  My neck is now feeling an awful lot better and I am back up and running.  My first commission this year is for a Spiderman cake for a little boy named Stephen who will be celebrating his  5th birthday.  Red fondant is notoriously difficult to colour with paste so  I spray painted the  cake instead, and in the process saved my hands from a lovely tint of pink for the next week. To add to the effect of the spider's web I piped small globules of piping gel highlighted with white glitter to catch the light!