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Scrummy Mummy's Cake School

Here are the details and dates for the up and coming courses. Both ladies and gentlemen are welcome as well as children from 12+.   More details for each course can be found below. 
The cost of each 3 hour course is £37.50 which includes you taking home four cupcakes in a presentation 3d box. 
You will need to bring an apron and an extra box with you for any other cupcakes that you complete on the day.  Happy caking x

Vintage cupcakes

Saturday 19th May 12.30 - 15.30

Wednesday 23rd May 10.30 - 13.30

Sunday 10th June 10.30 - 13.30

... Wedding Cupcakes and roses

Wednesday 13th June 10.30 - 13.30

Saturday 16th June 12.30 - 15.30

Friday 22nd June 10.30 - 13.30

Filling and covering a cake, and covering a cake drum

Wednesday 6th June 18.00 - 21.00

Saturday 7th July 13.30 - 15.30

Fashion Themed Cupcakes

Wednesday 11th July 10.30 - 13.30

Sunday 15th July 10.30 - 13.30

Preparing a cake and covering it with fondant, and also covering a cake drum.

This course aims to show you how to produce a perfect blank canvas cake ready for you to decorate. The course will last 3 hours during which time you will level and torte a sponge that has already been baked for you. You will then fill it with jam and buttercream and apply a crumb coating of buttercream.
When the cake has chilled for a short while you will then be shown how to roll out your fondant and lift it on to your cake, smoothing it down to achieve a desirable finish and I will then show you how to add fondant beading around the lower edge.
You will also be shown how to cover a cake drum and emboss it.
If we have all finished before the end of the session I will move on to show you how to make a few simple flowers.

Wedding Cupcakes and Roses

This course aims to teach you to produce high quality boutique cupcakes suitable for weddings or other special occassions. The session lasts 3 hours and will begin with an introduction into making the petal paste which will be used for all the flower detail throughout the course. You will also cover the following:-
  1. Covering domed cupcakes with fondant (tips will also be given on how to achieve perfect cupcakes to work with).
  2. Piping a perfect buttercream rose to seat your fondant rose on.
  3. learn different techniques for making roses from a rose that can be made in seconds to the more detailed ones that you would see on a wedding cake.
  4. Produce fondant pearls and other small flowers to enhance your cakes and highlight with lustre dusts.
As with my other courses, if you have time left over before the end of the session you are welcome to try out your newly learned skills to make other cakes to take home.

Vintage Cupcake Course

During this 3 hour course I will show you some of the many different techniques involved in decorating cupcakes and by the end of the session you will have made 4 beautiful cupcakes to take away in a charming presentation box. These will be a domed birdcage cake, a cameo brooch sat on a butterceream swirl, a buttercream swirl adorned with hydrangea blossom and finally, a beautiful bunched fondant covered cake with a pearl necklace sat on it with flower detail. If after all of these you still have time over, you are welcome to use your newly learned skills to decorate further cupcakes to take home. Along the way you will learn the following:-
  1. How to make the petal paste that will be used during the session for making the added detail to your cakes - the recipe will be given to you within the course notes to take home.
  2. How to pipe a buttercream rose.
  3. How to dome a cake with buttercream and cover with fondant.
  4. How to pipe small dot detail.
  5. How to make pearl effect necklaces and cameos using a silicone mould.
  6. How to make a fondant bow.
  7. Model a small simple bird.
  8. How to produce simple flowers and enhance them with lustre dusts.

Baby Shower / Christening Cupcakes

This a three hour course that aims to show you several different aspects of sugarcraft, including modelling, frilling, embossing and painting detail.
During the course you will make four cupcakes to include:-
3D crib with baby
Baby under a blanket with dummy
Cupcake with a teddy sitting on top
Cupcake with fondant baby face

Fashion Themed Cupcakes

This 3 hour course will show you how to use small fashion cutters to create a 2D dress, a 2d handbag and a 2d shoe which you will embelish with edible bling. When you have mastered this you will move on to a 3d shoe.
The course will also show you how to emboss fondant.
If time allows you will have an opportunity to use other moulds and equipment to make futher cupcakes.