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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

This is last cake for a little while.  I decided that this half term I would take some time off to be with my children and hopefully enjoy some sunshine in my garden!

The cake I have to share with you today is for a 50th birthday (very popular birthday at the moment) and the only instructions i was given was to incorporate red flowers into it somewhere.  I would normally take at least two cakes on a cake like this but, I am so fed up with being in the kitchen when the sun is shining outside that I decided to get it finished in a day!  I finally did my washing up at 10.30 last night!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

My final cake for this week is to celebrate a 30th birthday.  It depicts a man (Sam) on an island fishing, only this time he caught more than he bargained for!  happy 30th birthday Sam, enjoy your day!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Stargazer lily 50th Birthday Cake

Sometimes the price of a cake limits what you can create decoratively.  I had that problem with this cake.  I knew the stargazer lilies would take a fair amount of time to make and therefore the rest of the flowers on the cake needed to be far more simplistic, but still needed to compliment the lilies.  Hopefully i have pulled it off?

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Stargazer lily tutorial

I have just uploaded my first tutorial for making a stargazer lily on to Facebook and thought I'd share it with those of you who don't do Facebook.

Roll your petal paste out on a veining board using a little shortening to help it stay in place as you roll.

Vein the petal paste while still on the veining board. Roll a rolling pin from centre out to achieve the best results.

 Cut the petal while still on veining board.

Insert 24 gauge wire with a little glue on into the thick part of the petal.

Using a ball tool thin the edge to achieve the lovely rippled effect

In total you will need 3 small petals and 3 larger. Place them on a former to dry.

 Make a centre stamen using petal paste rolled with a smoother on an angle.

Insert a piece of 24 gauge wire and add 3 tiny balls to the top.

When the petals have dried add the colour in layers starting with a hot pink base. The dots of colour should be applied with a very watery mix. Lily stamens can be purchased in ready assembled bunches. Remove the centre white one and insert your tall one. First bind the three larder petals in place around the stamens and then add the 3 smaller ones underneath, et voila, you have a stargazer lily!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Prototype vintage workshop cupcakes

This week has gone by in a blur, but thankfully without too many hitches!  I couldn't sleep Sunday night for worrying about what I had to get completed this week, however I have managed to claw a little time back for myself and this morning took myself of to Primark for some retail therapy!  I had been hoping to enlist the company of my buddy Pauline as we never seem to get 5 minutes together any more, but she has a stinky cold and turned me down.

On my return after hiding away all my goodies I set about making the prototype cupcakes for this Saturday's Vintage Cupcake Workshop.  The most important factor obviously is time, so I had to get the mix right, to include a couple of more straight forward designs and a couple more intricate.  These are what my lovely ladies are going to be making:-

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Hot Pink Roses

The cake that I have been working on this week is a first for me.  The cake was baked and iced by a lady named Kim whose daughter Leanne is marrying this Thursday.  Leanne has had a few problems so far with her wedding plans and so I was determined that the cake didn't become one of them.  My job was to assemble the cake and dress it with hot pink roses.

I have never made this style of wedding cake before and  have to say I massively underestimated the length of time the roses  would take to make and the quantities of petal paste I would need, but the finished cake really is quite stunning!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

School cake sale

As well as the two cakes that I am working on this week I also have to prepare for my first workshop this Saturday and I have been baking for my daughter's school cake sale this Friday.  Here are a few of the treats that I managed to conjure up:-

White chocolate mini eggs with cola sugar crystals, little chocolate teddies and butterflies, and white chocolate hand painted gingerbread men.

Vanilla and syrup cookies topped with fondant and stencilled with royal icing.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Lancaster Bomber Cake

This week I have been working on a cake which was based around a Lancaster Bomber Plane.  It was no where as easy to make as it may appear and the option for the style of the cake are very limited for abvious reasons.

In decided to go for an aerial view looking down on the plane and this is what I have come up with:-

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Alice in Wonderland themed cake and cupcakes

I have been really looking forward to uploading the photos for this next cake.  The customer wanted an Alice in Wonderland  theme cake but I wanted to come up with something completely different to the last one I created.  The main cake depicts several different scenes from the book, with Alice's cat on  the top peering down the rabbit hole and Alice emerging from the room where she landed up through the door with the talking door knob.

Happy 21st birthday Stacey, have a wonderful day! x