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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Another day of creating and chaos

I went to bed last night knowing that I wouldn't sleep.  Too many cake ideas swirling around my head.  How was I going to approach toays cake, a Tiffany carrier bag?   Everyone seems to have gone Tiffany mad, not that I mind, it's lovely to really artistic  cakes to work on!  I try to always use my own ideas which means that I never really know if they're going to work until they work!   Sometimes I spend hours trying to perfect something, only to find that if I'd done it another way it would have been far easier.

I'm not sure that you should always stick too rigidly to what the experts  say in the hundreds of cake making books I own.  For instance the other day I made a beautifil flipflopcake based on an idea in the Planet Cake book.  They showed a method for reinforcing the straps that really didn't work for me so I adapted it to suit my cake and hey presto it worked!

I haven't finished todays cake yet and I can't publish the photo on Saturday when it's my good friend Nicki's daughter's 18th birthday (only 2 more sleeps Jess), the flipflop cake above was for her other daughter Lily.

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