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Thursday, 15 September 2011

It's all going pear shaped!

Oh my goodness, what a shitty day!  My neck has been terrible this week and I have left myself with quite a lot to do, so I got up and got on bright and early this morning.  Everything was OK up to this point, and then it went rapidly down hill.  At aroung 9.30 I went to wash some dishes and there was NO water.  My other (very unpopular) hhalf had ommitted to tell me that it was going off and suggested I ask the builder, which is what I did.  He informed me that he expected it to be off for most of the day, and so that was that and I turned on the taps to eek the last few drops out into my kettle.  At lunch time I went to collect Gracie and when I returned I could hear  my boiler going, which meant only one thing, the water was on.  I had left the kitchen tap open and the overflow couldn't cope with the volume of water,.  Every inch of my kitchen and utility room was flooded.  Not good!!!  Anyway I cleared up and soldiered on to finish my first cake for this week, a christening cake.  The lady whom I made the cake for, Kelly Budd was myy 500th fan when I was Yummy Mummy's and as  a treat she got a free 6" decorated cake which  she put against the cost of the chhristening cakke.  I have already mmailed her the picture and she loves it!

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