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Monday, 5 September 2011


Today is a momentous occasion, all my children are back at school and Grace , who starts school tomorrow, is spending some time with her Auntie Pauline and Nanny Owen to allow me to start to assemble the 40 mini wedding cakes that I need to have ready by tomorrow evening.  It is a huge task, and it has just taken me 3 1/2 hours to base coat them.  Next I need to top coat them and add all the detail!  When I have accomplished that task I need to concentrate on a wedding cake which is needed for next Saturday and after that  i take a deep breath and begin preparing for the two golden wedding and 1 christening cake for the following week.  In between all that I have Libby's birthday Wednesday and Ben and James(my 23 year old twins) birthday on the 18th.

It feels very strange to walk into my lounge and not to find Tracey Beaker or MTV blaring out, and where is the blob that has resided on my sofa with it's feet up for what seems like the last 5 months?

Anyway, time to crack on now!

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