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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Stargazer lily tutorial

I have just uploaded my first tutorial for making a stargazer lily on to Facebook and thought I'd share it with those of you who don't do Facebook.

Roll your petal paste out on a veining board using a little shortening to help it stay in place as you roll.

Vein the petal paste while still on the veining board. Roll a rolling pin from centre out to achieve the best results.

 Cut the petal while still on veining board.

Insert 24 gauge wire with a little glue on into the thick part of the petal.

Using a ball tool thin the edge to achieve the lovely rippled effect

In total you will need 3 small petals and 3 larger. Place them on a former to dry.

 Make a centre stamen using petal paste rolled with a smoother on an angle.

Insert a piece of 24 gauge wire and add 3 tiny balls to the top.

When the petals have dried add the colour in layers starting with a hot pink base. The dots of colour should be applied with a very watery mix. Lily stamens can be purchased in ready assembled bunches. Remove the centre white one and insert your tall one. First bind the three larder petals in place around the stamens and then add the 3 smaller ones underneath, et voila, you have a stargazer lily!

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