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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Panic Stations!!!!

My poor feet haven't touched the ground today. At this precise moment I'm meant to be reproducing a newspaper for the cake I'm finishing but I am losing my get up and go, in fact it has just got up and gone.  The tiredness is probably due to the lack of sleep, mainly down to the lists I keep writing in my head in advance of March 6th and secondly because the pesky horses knocked the fence down last night to get to my lovely green front lawn!!

In the last two days I have been working really hard and have almost finished two cakes, one which is for the show and is amazing (not going on here yet though) and one for a gentleman's 65th, and that's looking quite cool too.  All this with the kids on half term hols.  Anyway I'm off to finish off now and then to the wine :~)

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