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Monday, 21 February 2011

Bright Colours

I am refreshed from a wonderful weekend away with all my husbands family to celebrate Pen elope's 70th birthday.  We went to Manor House near Oakhampton and had a fabulous time, I would recommend it to anyone!  We had quite a traumatic start to the weekend when our topbox flew open on the M5.  We pulled over, did it up and carried on to our destination assuming that all was well.  When John went to bring the cases in some time later he discovered that we were missing Grace's case.  I was mortified and we took a quick trip to Oakhampton for essentials.  But would you believe it?  All the clothes were still on the side of the motorway totally undamaged so we did a quick look around assisted by the Highways agency and recovered everything except the case and one trainer!

Moving on to the subject of cakes, I love to use bright colours and I had the opportunity with this cake which is for the mother of a lady who has a few cakes from Yummy Mummy's now. 

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