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Friday, 3 August 2012

Cosmos Daisy and Hydrangea 90th Birthday Cake

This is my final offering at the end of what feels like a very long week!  My spinal injection can't come soon enough.  Why is it that the part of cake designing that I enjoy the most is that which causes me the most discomfort?  Never mind, good excuse for a nice back tickle later!

The lady that ordered the cake, Jackie found my number through Yellow pages which is quite reassuring to know, as there are so many entries these days.  The brief she gave me was floral, lilac/lavender, and no roses.  Just in time, my order arrived from The States with all my new cutters (can't wait to try out the magnolia) and I decided to go the cosmos daisy which in nature is found in the requisite colour.
As I mentioned yesterday, I have found the heat and humidity rather challenging and while binding my individual filler flowers several of them broke, resulting in me having to make a fresh batch.  Thank goodness I took the Jacqueline Butler flower making course and can now make them in my sleep!

Next week I am going to working on a wedding cake for a photo shoot with Thornbury Golf Club and also a Golden wedding anniversary cake.  Can't wait to get going....

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