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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Mothering Sunday!!

My slightly quiter week has just become a whole lot busier with an order from The Bowl Inn Amondsbury to supply cupcakes as a complimentary gift for all mummys dining in the restaurant this Sunday (get your table booked quick).  I am already preparing flowers for a Mother's Day cake for one client and it is also my own mummy's birthday on Sunday.  On top of that I have on order for a batch of balloon cookies for a 2 year olds party. So all in all it's busy, busy, busy!!!

I am forever researching new ideas  and techniques, quite often to late at night and one top tip that I found recently was to use a cardboard insert from an apple box to put my larger flower petals in while they are drying.  It works wonders, but I think  Asda were a little confused yesterday when I was wheeling this piece of cardboard around in my trolley!


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  2. Fabulous!!! well done you :) you are going to need that trip to relax x