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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Still haven't packed but mother's day cupcakes are finished!

It's all a little bit fraught in my house today, loads to do still.  my mum's coming to stay and look after my children while i go away to Prague and somehow you feel obliged to leave everything spotless so that your kids can trash it while you're away!

I have just finished the cupcakes for The Bowl and they  are absolutely gorgeous (I think I'm allowed to sing my own praises in this case).

No More cakes after these for a  week so  enjoy!


  1. My goodness, these are simply beautiful!! Did you make these?!! They're so pretty to eat thou! I probably just keep one and just stare at it and just sigh!
    Job well done!! I'm a newbie and one day I love to do one of these!!! Very insipiring!!
    Came from The Cupcake Blog! And was blown away from your creations!


  2. I ahdn't even realised that my cakes were featured on The Cupcake Blog! Thank you so much for your lovely feedback