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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Golden Wedding Anniversay Cupcakes

Sometimes making cakes for a living can be extremely demoralising.  People continually expect to get the fantastic cakes and pay off the shelf prices for them.  They badger you for ideas and a price and then when you give them a price you here no more from them, not even an "I'm sorry, but that is beyond our budget!".  More recently I recieved an email asking, and I quote "how can we go about getting a wonderful cake at low cost?"  My answer should have been take a trip to M&S and buy one of the shelf!

This week, however has been the complete reverse.  I have dealt with some of the nicest, considerate and appreciative people that I could have wished to meet.

Kerry Hayfield,  the Ferris family and Mary,  thank you so much for making it all seem worth while.  I hope that all of you enjoy your celebrations this weekend and look forward to working with you again on your next special occasion!

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